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We believe in leading our clients to successful business heights based on their goals. We empower entrepreneurs and business owners to attain exponential growth by providing “out of the box” thinking. Our belief is that everyone should be living from the inside out and that, when we come from there, everything else falls into place!

 Create the Business of Your DREAMS to Support the Lifestyle You LOVE!

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Empowering YOU To Create A Business You Love!


A well-designed business is as important as a well-designed home.  It takes an idea, the vision to see opportunity.  Then we need to draw up the plan and build a solid foundation with easy efficient processes & systems that will support you and your business for years to come!



Whether you’re just starting out or have been established for years, we need to constantly Build our businesses.  A consistent & proper marketing plan is needed.  This is where we see businesses “lose their shirts”!   We’ll also work on your sales plan and training.


Once you have the best foundation, processes & systems, marketing & sales plan, and a highly skilled staff in place, your business will run like a well-oiled machine!  We’ll set goals or markers for continued success and growth and consistently check on them to make sure we’re hitting all the crucial targets!


Our founder and developer, Sabrina Phillips, has degrees in Business and Marketing, with minors in Programming and Interior Design. She also holds 5 Coaching Certifications in the areas of Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Dream Coaching, and Life Coaching. She has over 30 years of experience as an Entrepreneur and Business Strategist.

When she was 12 years old, she knew she had innate skills in business as she took her father’s Chiropractic business from $8,000/yr to $79,800 the first year she worked for him. She continued to help him build his practice over the next few years to $350,000/yr thereby creating a lucrative and salable business later. From that, she began her own Business Consulting & Developing firm at age 18 where she redesigned doctor’s offices, processes, and systems through seamless transitions making them more efficient and profitable!

Meet Sabrina


I’m still working with her and find her coaching empowering and encouraging to do the things necessary to move me forward in my life and approach things from a very different mindset. She truly helps you redesign your mindset and life!

ANDREA Y. Kansas City, MO

I even moved away from an area I spent 45+ years in, to a large city where I knew very few people and started my life all over!! I could not have done this without following Sabrina’s lead and her own example! She redesigned & transformed her life so she could help others do the same—and she does!! Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement!

SUSAN P. Independence, MO

Today, I run my own 6-figure business and have so much more time with my kids! Hiring Sabrina as a coach has turned my life around. I’m much more confident, relaxed, at peace with myself and those around me, bold, and definitely more wealthy! I’ll be hiring her again when I’m ready to up-level my business again!

CHRIS T. Tampa, FL

By breaking down old programming, limiting beliefs, and BS I was telling myself that I didn’t even REALLY believe, she was able to help me redesign ME from the inside out and design the life I really love! I’m now living by the ocean, have the career of MY dreams, and have automatically attracted up-building, positive people into my life who support me, who I am, and what I do! My life is AMAZING, Sabrina, Thank You!

PAMELA B. Laguna Niguel, CA

My real estate firm was doing well but I wanted to get it to the next level. Sabrina’s assessment of our current situation led to a growth plan that grew my business an extra 42% that year. After she did sales training with my realtors, we went from approximately $5 million to $7.1 million in sales that year. She had an uncanny ability to see the “holes” in my plans and quickly filled them in leading to our success. I hired her again a few years later to troubleshoot some issues but, unfortunately, did not heed her advice. She told me if I didn’t do the things she had outlined, I’d be out of business by June that year. Again her prediction was incredibly right on time and we closed the doors and moved out in June! I know now to take heed.


My life was in utter chaos when I met with Sabrina. But, within one hour we had mapped out a plan to straighten it out and even worked on a financial plan so that I could support myself. Sabrina’s techniques and systems quickly helped me see where I needed to go and how to get there! Within two weeks, I was working in a profession that I loved and have been successfully providing for myself ever since!

E. BLAIR Advanced Home Care, Phoenix, AZ

I had just begun my practice when I found out about Sabrina’s services. She was able to help me forego costly mistakes in the setup, layout, marketing, and hiring processes. She came in and drew out the layout, organized the office administration area to flow well, and hired my first administration and insurance filing specialist. Without hiring her, I would’ve spent years trying to muddle through all the processes that needed to be systematized. I felt I now had a good foundation on which to build my practice! Thank you, Sabrina.


Our company was losing approximately $10,000 a month and we could not figure out where it was going! Sabrina had a hold on the issue at our first meeting. She met with staff and consulted with our team of 211 employees to further research the problem. In doing so, she not only had pinpointed the true cause of the monetary loss but also found ways that we could improve our business to better support our employees. We’ve stopped the loss AND have a more efficient team with higher morale!

KRISTINE WARD, Clean As A Whistle, Overland Park, KS

Sabrina helped our practice back in 1986 by getting us more organized and automated. She came in and assessed what wasn’t working including our layout, created and installed a computer program that allowed us to print out insurance forms versus typing or writing them by hand, and worked with my staff to train them on phone and patient etiquette. Because of this, we were able to stay more organized and take on more patients which raised our income that year by 38%! We were very impressed!

DR. J. MARTIN, DC Midtown Chiropractic, Kansas City, MO

Sabrina was the catalyst in the financial growth of my business as we had a 1000% increase the first year she worked for me! It was her young insight and quick analysis of a problem coupled with her suggestion to attend a business growth seminar that quantum leaped my business. We continued to grow my practice year after year because of her ability to stay attune to the trends and changing medical world and then set about making a new plan with new goals. Even though I am also a problem solver, I couldn’t see what was right in front of me. Her ability to quickly analyze, systemize, and organize has helped many companies over the years including her own.

DR. ROBERT PHILLIPS, DC Cass County Chiropractic Center, Harrisonville, MO

 Create the Business of Your DREAMS to Support the Lifestyle You LOVE!

Schedule My Free 30 Minute Discovery Call!

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