Motivating employees may be an adage that has been repeated over and over again in the business world, but its significance can never be underestimated. As the boss of your company you may think giving them a bonus every financial year is the way to go. Although it is effective, there are other things you may be overlooking. That is probably why you are not seeing the results you want. So, how should you motivate your employees?

Understand their pace
If you are the HR at your working place, you probably know a thing or two about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. For that reason, you should only urge them on but not push them to the wall to get the results you are soaring for. However, this does not mean you entertain laziness and laxity. This means that you should work with them and guide them, with time you will realize that they are catching up. You will reach your goal slowly but surely.

Invest in your employees
Ever heard of the phrase ‘your employees are an investment’? I bet you have. Just like you give your time, hard work, toil and finances to your investment you should do so with your employees. Work with them through the difficulties they face and issue rewards to boost both their self-esteem and motivation. Within no time you will realize the good results you desire.

Have their interests at heart
Most employers have this misconceived ideology that they are the only ones who are growing here. Do not be such a boss. Although you will reach there, your success will be short lived since your employees will pull out one by one in search of employment where they are valued. You can do this by helping them grow by providing opportunities for them to go up a ladder if they deserve. For this case you can even assure them a higher chance of landing an advertised position more than outsiders.

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