How to Hire Freelancers: 6 Tips

By Jill Chapman America’s growing gig economy may have you wondering how to hire and manage freelancers, otherwise known as independent contractors or subcontractors, to benefit your business. More than 56 million Americans freelance regularly, providing 72 million...

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What is Your Business Saying to Your Customers?

Customers, clients, friends, and family - all of these people come into your business and office space and what do they see? Is this something that is actually making a statement and if it is, is it a good statement or a bad one? The statement that your office and...

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How Appropriate Marketing Can Accelerate Your Business

When you are starting your own business, it can seem difficult to get things going. A great way to get your business and sales going is to market your business and your products. If you haven’t thought about a marketing strategy for your business yet, considering the...

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Why We Need More Women in the Workplace

Companies and organizations that fail to recognize the importance of having more women in the workplace may be missing out. Recruiting women in companies can double the talent pool, it increases the financial performance of a company. When you look at Fortune 500...

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Entrepreneurial Coach for Your Business’ Success

For every successful business, there is a story behind it. It is not something that happens overnight. Owners put their time effort and hard work to make it a sustainable and income generating business. Some people decide to open their own business because they want...

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It’s Never Too Late

Most people follow a path traveled by millions of others before them, falling into the motions and into the expectations the world has. You strive to get good grades in school. You head to college and graduate into a career that offers you enough money to maintain a...

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The Role of Branding For a Small Business

One of the most common ingredients when it comes to the success of any business is its branding. Every successful company has done a tremendous job of branding itself and making itself known to their target demographics. So, what is branding and what does it mean for...

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