Burnout is amongst the more serious problems young people across the country are suffering from at present. According to a recent study conducted by Stress in America, the average stress level of 18 to 33 year olds clock in at 5.4 on a 10 point scale. This statistic is especially daunting considering the national average is 4.9 and the healthy stress level is at 3.6.

Many factors are to blame for how quickly millennials and Gen Xers burnout. The same study indicates that the high stress level is a result of a demanding job market, skyrocketing unemployment rates and meager salaries.

Considering the demands of everyday life, it is very easy to overlook signs of burnout. Below are a few symptoms that you should be looking out for:

Unrelenting Fatigue
Being tired after a long day’s work is completely normal – nothing a full eight hour sleep couldn’t fix. However, if you are burning out, no amount of sleep might be enough to quench your fatigue. Moreover, in latter stages, a feeling of dread might be experienced for what the day has in store.

Despite being tired all the time, people who are burned out find it very difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. This often caused by anxious thoughts of money and work.

Anxiety and Depression
At first, anxiety and depression due to burn out my manifest itself through random bouts of sadness and restlessness. As the condition progresses, these two symptoms might be severe enough to interfere with day to day activities.

Increased susceptibility to Illness
With your body suffering from lack of sleep and fatigue, it becomes more prone to sickness. People who are burned out are usually plagued with the flu easily.

Recognizing the symptoms is the toughest part in dealing with burnout. There are professional coaches who are willing to help you through this trying time. If you are in the Aliso Viejo, CA area, contact us at Life by Design and start the healing process today.