I had just graduated and didn’t know how to build a business! Based on my goal, vision, and dreams for my business, Sabrina was able to help me by creating the foundation, marketing plan, and floor plan. She designed an incredible space AND business plan! She’s helped us by creating systems and staying organized leading to higher efficiency. I was able to show a profit in my second year and I continue to work with her today!

Los Angeles, CA

Sabrina grew my practice by 40% the first year. She helped me find balance between work and family and found a way to get us on our first vacation in years! Since then, we’ve brought on 2 more doctors which lightened my load. By working with Sabrina, I am now able to balance my work and personal life. We continue to grow and are very impressed with her skills and expertise!

Kansas City, MO

Sabrina helped our practice back in 1986 by getting us more organized and automated. She came in and assessed what wasn’t working including our layout, created and installed a computer program that allowed us to print out insurance forms versus typing or writing them by hand, and worked with my staff to train them on phone and patient etiquette. Because of this, we were able to stay more organized and take on more patients which raised our income that year by 38%! We were very impressed!

Midtown Chiropractic, Kansas City, MO

Sabrina was the catalyst in the financial growth of my business as we had a 1000% increase the first year she worked for me! It was her young insight and quick analysis of a problem coupled with her suggestion to attend a business growth seminar that quantum leaped my business. We continued to grow my practice year after year because of her ability to stay attune to the trends and changing medical world and then set about making a new plan with new goals. Even though I am also a problem solver, I couldn’t see what was right in front of me. Her ability to quickly analyze, systemize, and organize has helped many companies over the years including her own.

Cass County Chiropractic Center, Harrisonville, MO

I had just begun my practice when I found out about Sabrina’s services. She was able to help me forego costly mistakes in the setup, layout, marketing, and hiring processes. She came in and drew out the layout, organized the office administration area to flow well, and hired my first administration and insurance filing specialist. Without hiring her, I would’ve spent years trying to muddle through all the processes that needed to be systemized. I felt I now had a good foundation on which to build my practice! Thank you, Sabrina.

Oak Grove, MO

I wasn’t reaching my potential in my design career. I couldn’t get/stay organized, wasn’t making as much as I needed to, and had no systems in place whatsoever to make my job easier and foolproof. Sabrina came in and created systems to help me be more efficient and thorough with my clients. She showed me new ways of marketing myself and my business grew exponentially! Now I never miss a beat…or a sale! I made $40,000 more that year, a record for me! It was amazing to have her see what things needed to be changed so quickly that led to so much growth and personal confidence!


Before I began working with Sabrina I was having issues with negative self-talk, trying to reach business goals, and finding a way to live a more balanced personal and professional life. As a single working mom, she helped me set clearer priorities and cut corners to achieve business goals faster while allowing me more time with my children. She helped me learned to celebrate successes big and small whereas before I tended to focus on what I hadn’t achieved.


By advising me to stop listening to NPR (Negative Public Radio) & CNN (Constantly Negative News), she further helped me focus more on positive thoughts and actions. She unraveled my limiting beliefs and I gained a huge amount of clarity as to how I was holding myself back and playing small. With her razor sharp wit and kind heart she’s inspired me to reach goals I never thought were possible!!


I’m still working with her and find her coaching empowering and encouraging to do the things necessary to move me forward in my life and approach things from a very different mindset. She truly helps you redesign your mindset and life!

Kansas City, MO

I had major anxiety, negative self-talk, self-doubt, and medical issues before I started working with Sabrina. She had me start using EFT and breathing exercises to release the anxiety and used positive affirmations for the negative self-talk. Together, we created a goal board with obtainable goals broken down into steps I could handle. She even addressed my medical issues of IBS and Pre-Crohn’s disease by having me change my diet and add exercises to my daily routine!


Since working with her, I no longer have the anxiety attacks, negative self-talk, and self-doubt issues which allowed me to FINALLY be able to leave a very unstable relationship with a total narcissist who had me convinced our problems were all because of me—which is their entire purpose in life! I have quit smoking, changed my diet, and exercise now and am off all medications for my ailments! Woohoo!


I even moved away from an area I spent 45+ years in, to a large city where I knew very few people and started my life all over!! I could not have done this without following Sabrina’s lead and her own example! She redesigned & transformed her life so she could help others do the same—and she does!! Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement!

Independence, MO

As a single mom, I had a hard time balancing work with the life I wanted with my kids. I also wasn’t getting paid what I was worth. When Sabrina showed me how I was holding myself back and down to receive proper compensation, my world turned around. It also made me work smarter versus harder. I was stuck in a mental rut of who I thought I was and I was really playing small. She showed me where this belief system came from, how I didn’t have to claim it anymore, and got rid of it!


Today, I run my own 6-figure business and have so much more time with my kids! Hiring Sabrina as a coach has turned my life around. I’m much more confident, relaxed, at peace with myself and those around me, bold, and definitely more wealthy! I’ll be hiring her again when I’m ready to up-level my business again!

Tampa, FL

I’d been living my life for everyone else when I met Sabrina. I had done all the “right” things as per what everyone else thought and found myself at age 52, lost. I didn’t even know WHO I was anymore or what I wanted or even needed.


By breaking down old programming, limiting beliefs, and BS I was telling myself that I didn’t even REALLY believe, she was able to help me redesign ME from the inside out and design the life I really love! I’m now living by the ocean, have the career of MY dreams, and have automatically attracted up-building, positive people into my life who support me, who I am, and what I do! My life is AMAZING, Sabrina, Thank You!

Laguna Niguel, CA

My real estate firm was doing well but I wanted to get it to the next level. Sabrina’s assessment of our current situation led to a growth plan that grew my business an extra 42% that year. After she did sales training with my realtors, we went from approximately $5 million to $7.1 million in sales that year.


She had an uncanny ability to see the “holes” in my plans and quickly filled them in leading to our success. I hired her again a few years later to troubleshoot some issues but, unfortunately, did not heed her advice. She told me if I didn’t do the things she had outlined, I’d be out of business by June that year. Again her prediction was incredibly right on time and we closed the doors and moved out in June! I know now to take heed.

Real Estate, Kansas City, MO

My life was in utter chaos when I met with Sabrina. But, within one hour we had mapped out a plan to straighten it out and even worked on a financial plan so that I could support myself.


Sabrina’s techniques and systems quickly helped me see where I needed to go and how to get there! Within two weeks, I was working in a profession that I loved and have been successfully providing for myself ever since!

Advanced Home Care, Phoenix, AZ

Our company was losing approximately $10,000 a month and we could not figure out where it was going! Sabrina had a hold on the issue at our first meeting. She met with staff and consulted with our team of 211 employees to further research the problem. In doing so, she not only had pinpointed the true cause of the monetary loss but also found ways that we could improve our business to better support our employees. We’ve stopped the loss AND have a more efficient team with higher morale!

Clean As A Whistle, Overland Park, KS

Sabrina Phillips really helped me figure out my business plan, business slogans, and helped me think more on a global basis for my coaching business!  I recommend her creative and professional services to anyone who is just starting a business, needs help designing their office or showroom, or needs help restructuring their current business to become more successful ALL while supporting a lifestyle they love!  It’s worked for me!  I get to make money doing what I love and travel frequently! She is easy to work with and truly knows how to help. A heart of gold too!

Redondo Beach, Ca

I had an awesome experience with Sabrina. This woman is well-rounded in business and spirituality and Common Sense. A great combination for a business owner like me. She showed me practical applications and systems that increased my profits. She kept my staff motivated and has a real Personal Touch. I strongly recommend anybody looking to streamline their business or their life contact Sabrina and let her work her magic.!

Los Angeles, CA

Sabrina has been my life coach since we were children. As life went by, she continued to be one of my very best friends. I have always said that our girl talk was more like therapy sessions and I still love that one-on-one time with her.


When life was hard, and there were some really hard times, she helped me keep my focus. When life was good, and I have been blessed with many good times, she was there to celebrate with me! So it seemed like a natural progression when she decided to hang her shingle as an official life coach. 

Her qualifications come not only from many years of training and certifications, but also how she’s devoured information on personal and professional growth as well studying human behavior.  She truly cares about others and her natural intuition serves her clients well.  Not only does she have the heart to help others, but she has the tools to make it happen!

Lee’s Summit, MO