Thanks to the advent of technology, everything nowadays is run online, be it banking, businesses, learning, conferences, to mention but a few. It is no longer necessary to have a physical location to run a business. As a matter of fact, most businessmen and women have turned to social media for help and it has not failed them. The biggest advantage of running an online business is the ability to reach millions of customers beyond the business’s physical location, country and even continent 24 hours a day. It also saves entrepreneurs the hustle of paying rent for starting businesses. Instead of using Instagram to stalk celebrities and drool over their lives, why not use it to make money and live a successful life?

Set Up An Account

The first step is creating an account if one was not already in existence. There is Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and Twitter among many others.  Have an account in every single one of these platforms to maximize the chances of success. Buying an account is also an option for those who do not have the patience to grow their following gradually. Once established, have a website too.

Write A Proper Bio

A bio is like an insight to the business. Make it catchy and inviting. It should also define the services offered and why your particular business is unique. Extra points if contact information is provided.

Have An Interesting Feed

Keep the content of the account relevant and interesting. Use high quality images and catchy captions. Themes can also be used to make the feed cohesive and inviting by simply using a particular color scheme for all pictures. Employ the use of filters to make content look better. An interesting feed results to an increased following. It is of importance to be consistent in posting content.

Use Social Media Marketing Tools

Most platforms have marketing tools which are available at a favorable fee. Paying someone with many followers to market the business is also an option.

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