Companies and organizations that fail to recognize the importance of having more women in the workplace may be missing out. Recruiting women in companies can double the talent pool, it increases the financial performance of a company.

When you look at Fortune 500 companies, you find that those with a higher representation of women are financially outperforming the ones with the lowest representation. Again, the gender-diverse teams tend to achieve higher sales and profits when compared to teams dominated by male workers.

There are many reasons why the corporate world should be geared towards having more women on board. Organizations that have more women are said to foster a better workplace environment. In these organizations, there is more job satisfaction, meaningful work, organizational dedication, and less burnout.

If you have more women in the workplace, it encourages employee engagement and retention. While women are experiencing a workplace that seems to be skewed in favor of males, there is a need for employers to see the importance of having an increased number of women join the workforce.

Fewer women are promoted in the workplace when compared to their male counterparts. Gender inequality in the workplace starts right at the first hiring to first promotion and the subsequent promotions. We are seeing a situation where women are significantly underrepresented in the corporate pipeline. Despite women commanding a college graduate percent of 57, only a few are hired by corporate organizations at the entry level.

Even with the few numbers of women joining companies and fewer promotions being done, men in those workplaces don’t see that as a problem. Women can do much more than boosting the bottom line, they make the workplace enjoyable, they bring more opportunities that can make a difference, and make the workplace to be one that fits well with spheres of life.

At Rx For Success, we can help you achieve a greater height by building an organizational culture that embraces the presence of women in the workplace. We want you to think outside the box.